Sublimation is the most impressive and detailed way to customize your performance apparel, allowing for endless design possibilities. Designs can incorporate any color, gradient, font or effect that you can think of. Designs can go across seams, under arms, along waistbands – all while maintaining the wicking properties of your jersey as you go to work on the playing field.


Sublimation is a process whereby ink is actually burned into the fibers of the garment, as opposed to the way ink is caked on top of the material in conventional silk screening. The technical benefits of sublimation are as impressive as the design capabilities. Once a design has been sublimated it will become part of the material. This means that the design will stretch with the fabric, it will allow sweat to wick through the design, and the image surface will not crack or fade over time or with repeated washing.





Full-body sublimation involves sublimating panels of fabric before they are sewn together, which allows you to maximize your design space and incorporate every square inch of jersey in your design.







Spot sublimation is a process by which your design is applied to a smaller area of a previously sewn white garment. Spot sublimation may be chosen over screen printing because you can effectively have as many colors as are in your logo (gradients and shading as well) without incurring the extra screen set up fees that would be associated with a multi-colored design. We can spot sublimate on jerseys and shorts in other light colours (not just white), but the design will take on the colour of the garment.




     FABRICS for Sublimation Print

All Polyester fabrics are suitable for sublimation print. We provide dry fit fabric for your custom gear, our fabrics is soft, light-weight, anti-microbial and has a slight four-way stretch for maximum mobility. An incredibly comfortable material to wear while training or playing.