Our printable heat transfer material is designed for eco-solvent inks using a print/cut system. This material enables you to produce full color digital transfers for application on a wide variety of fabrics. And that is where the VersaStudio BN-20 stands out, delivering vibrant printing, contour cutting and metallic ink all from one affordable device. Choose our specialized HeatSoft Transfer Material (ESM-HTM2) and Polyester Transfer Mask (PGM-PTM), specifically designed to work with ECO-SOL MAX ink for print/cut inkjet transfers to cotton or cotton blend garments.


Using a digital printer, we lay down a textile ink in reverse onto a transfer sheet. This sheet is then turned and fused to the garment using a heat press. Great for promotional t-shirts when maximum impact is needed on a budget, or, event garments such as polo shirt, or holiday t-shirts. We would usually print full colour artwork or photographs using this method but only on white or very light garments. The finish of the print is bright and punchy but these prints will not wash over and over again (by following our washing guidelines, the garment can be washed up to 10 times without losing any print quality).


– No set-up costs.
– Full colour stunning prints on a budget.
– Quick to produce.
– Full colour designs up to A3 size.



his method is used to produce small runs of full colour artwork onto non-white garments. These transfers are used in conjunction with the CAD cutter to produce small runs of stunning prints onto dark garments. This production technique is ideal for small runs of full colour logo prints for staff uniforms or promotional garments when the setup costs for embroidery or screen printing are prohibitive. The transfers are designed for use on dark garment and are 100% machine washable.


– Hard wearing full colour prints for dark garments.
– Background of transfer removed by CAD cutter.
– Can be used for small print runs.
– Cost dependent on size and intricacy of the design.
– Print quality will last up to 30 washes at 60°.



Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology, the chosen artwork is cut from sheets of coloured vinyl. The cutting process is controlled by computer to ensure that the print looks exactly as it does on screen. The artwork has to be in a vector format. Once the sheet has been cut the excess vinyl is picked (weeded) out by hand. The cut vinyl is then placed and heat-sealed to the garment. CAD-cut prints are ideal when the artwork is simple, contains flat colour, and the order is not large enough to justify the set-up costs involved in screen printing. This technique is popular for reproducing company logos, printing workwear and sportswear, or for one off t-shirt designs.


– Excellent sharp hardwearing finish.
– 100% washable up to 80°.
– Low cost on smaller orders – unlike screen printing there are no set-up costs.
– Cost dependent on size of design and detail.
– Great way to produce samples without breaking the bank.